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Top 7 Business Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar, located near Saudi Arabia, is one of the richest countries in the world. Almost all of Qatar's have a high standard of living. And the opening up of countries for global trade increases the opportunities to become the world's most important financial and business center. So who wouldn't want to invest in Qatar? But the question is where to invest? Do you have to invest in a small company or company that is already established? And because Qatar has plenty of business opportunities for an entrepreneur, why not start your business in Qatar?

In addition, Qatar's business environment is very beneficial, leading and welcoming to foreigners. The government does not charge any income tax to the businessman. And, according to Forbes, Qatar is very climbing in the private sector. Given that there are many small business opportunities in Qatar for a businessman, we make it easier to find some of the companies that are good in Qatar and have greater potential in the near future.

1. Interior Designing
As mentioned earlier, Qatar is placed with rich people; Everyone wants to spend their lives full of luxury. It is undoubtedly to have the best decor in your home, office and other jobs. So, this industry continues to flourish in the country. It can be a perfect company for aspirants who have a great interest in art, creativity, decoration, and design. If you have a degree in this field, there is an added benefit.

2. Fitness Centre
Fitness in Qatar is gaining much popularity and this is the perfect time to open a gym, preferably in Doha. Qataris are workers, and to resist stress they must have the counter. So many people prefer to spend some time in training centers to train and keep fit. It is more a source of relief for them in everyday deepening.

3. Restaurant Business
Emigrants reach a large part of Qatar's labor force. And sometimes they lack the delights that are easily accessible in their home country. You can save yourself by starting a restaurant business. You can start a restaurant that only sells American or Chinese food or offers a wide variety of unusual dishes.

4. Maintenance Services
The technology is widespread in Qatar, and then the need for maintenance services comes. It is cheaper to keep the facility and infrastructure than to replace it. There are great business opportunities in Qatar for companies providing maintenance services for mechanical, air conditioning, electrical, sanitary and other facilities.

5. Delivery Business
With e-commerce companies becoming more popular at this time of the internet, delivery service is needed to transport goods purchased by customers. The delivery business is booming on the market today because people do not want to try and get everything that is to be delivered at home or in the office. In addition, it is more convenient when people can access the online service.

6. Financial Services
Qatar's GDP is rising rapidly. It creates a tremendous opportunity to start a financial service if you know the Qatar government's policies and financial framework well. The financial services sector is profitable. Handelsbanken, the commercial bank, wealth management, and insurance are the largest segment in the industry.

7. IT-Related Business
Information technology offers more business opportunities, including software, networks, biometrics, mobile entertainment, digital entertainment, content delivery, mobile wallet technology, Internet objects and so on. Depending on your investment capacity, you can start an IT business in Qatar.

Starting a business in Qatar is easier than in most GCC countries. And I chose the 7 companies above because they are very easily accessible if you have the right knowledge in this area. So you chose one of you who is interested and looking for more in the market before you start jumping. And if you need more help with the same contact, we would like to clarify your doubts.  Also, read Click here

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How to Start Restaurant Business in Thailand?

Many entrepreneurs around the world have invested in the food industry in Thailand because huge trade and tourist trends have led the country's tour every year. In order to set up an industrial commercial food, a foreign investor must honor the state administration in terms of company registration and consumer protection. In Thailand, our law firm is open to provide professional legal advice to anyone wishing to start a restaurant in this country

Provisions regulating the functioning of restaurants

In addition to the Labor Law, which provides restaurant owners with a legal framework for the working hours and rights of their employees, you need to know specific laws related to the safety of employees and customers. Food safety is a constant concern that can be used in Thai states and restaurants to comply with local regulations.

Food is another important activity. The main body is the Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration to manage and manage the good functioning of the restaurant. If you have any questions about a specific requirement for Thailand's grocery store, you can simply read one of our Thai lawyers

Important aspects when building a restaurant in Thailand

As with any other business, a hotel must be registered with a business development department before you can work in a Thai city. Foreign investors need a Thai business visa. One of our lawyers in Thailand can help foreign investors collect documents and apply for business registration.

If you want to open a restaurant in Thailand, you should invest a lot of money in the storage area to ensure that health regulations are complied with and restaurant staff ensures safe working conditions. Further investments are required for the attractive design of the customer area as well as for special food facilities.

Do not hesitate to contact Thailand about our company so that your restaurant in this country can earn as fast as possible.

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How to Register a Company in Malaysia with SSM



All organizations enlisted in Malaysia are required by the United Kingdom. The Companies Commission of Malaysia is known as the Malay variety of its name, which is the commonly known SSM.

The SSM Registration Process in Malaysia

A business in Malaysia might be a business in the United States. They do not have to use a personal name for a business name.

For people who expect to enroll the business Utilizing an exchange name, the name of the scope of proposed business must get Earlier endorsement from the Registrar of Business with SSM . If the name has been affirmed, the following steps will be taken:

  •  Business people are looking at the business name of the business branch of the business branch of the business sector. give a Duplicate of the Partnership Agreement assuming any. 
  •  On the off chance that there is more than one entrepreneur included, each proprietor and accomplice is required to sign the finished structure.
  • SSM e-Lodging benefits in the SSM's site.
  • Records that must be submitted alongside the structure of the person's character card.

What are the requirements for SSM Registration in Malaysia?

The Prerequisites: \ t

  • To register the SSM necessitates that the Malaysian native or a lasting occupant of Malaysia.
  • The individual must be 18 years old or more.
  • Registration of the business is not later than 30 days from the start of the business.
  • The nature of the business is not repudiate.

New business enlistments in Malaysia. Person who needs to be enrolled in the SSM, license, Grants or endorsement letters from other applicable specialists that are required for the business. More information on Guide to Malaysia Company Registration .

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3 Reasons why Foreign should Invest in Morocco

Morocco is certainly cheaper than Egypt and Tunisia but offers a higher standard of living. In addition, Morocco and its inhabitants enjoy the legal and financial system to protect political stability, business interests and, above all, a pool of promising talent.

Foreign investors need to know about banking, legal systems and human resources in advance of business development or investment in Morocco.

Low labor cost

One of Morocco's main attractions to investing is financial. Wages are relatively low. Minimum hourly wages in the industrial and commercial sectors are 12.85 Dirhams/hour ($ 1.52 USD) during 44 hours of work per week, paying a monthly minimum wage of $ 266. The service sector average wage is about $ 590 a month.


The company also has to pay higher social security contributions than Tunisia and Egypt. You will be deducted about 22% of the social security contribution of $ 590 salary from the 23% tax per month.

The employer must sign up for the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) within 30 days of hiring the first employee and report the number of salaries and workdays per employee. Employees benefit from mandatory health insurance (AMO) and medical assistance plans (RAMED) under certain conditions.

Freedom of the bank fund

Even if foreigners or Morocco are established overseas, foreign investors enjoy many banking benefits that help businesses in Morocco do business.

Foreign currency investments can be made freely without prior approval from the Exchange Office. They can take many forms such as setting up a sole proprietorship, participating in an established company, joining an existing company's capital increase, establishing a branch or liaison office, and making simple contributions.

Unlike in Morocco, where foreign investors are severely constrained by foreign purchases and remittances due to the inability to convert Dirhams, Morocco provides a conversion system that allows them to carry out investment transactions and transfer income generated by them. The proceeds sold to the selected country.

In addition, Morocco-based investors are not subject to double taxation in terms of income taxes due to agreements concluded between a number of partner countries such as Morocco, France, Spain, Tunisia, and many MENA regions.

Highly skilled workforce

Another advantage of Morocco is its citizenship. Moroccans trained in local engineering and business schools such as EMI, ENSA, EHTP, and ENCG are well equipped for employment with foreign companies registration in  Moroccans are trained in schools outside of the UK. Unfortunately, the majority of the population is so low in international rankings that Morocco is the victim of the quality of the public education system.

According to Moroccan management, 59% of the technical personnel have a satisfactory level of technical knowledge, and 57% have excellent organization and independence. In addition, 66% show initiative from various angles, and 70% show temperament and punctuality.

For example, a quick search for Rekrute.com in industries such as the advertising, marketing, finance, and electronics industries will result in 30 results each, including jobs for engineers, project managers, analysts, and technicians. We know that we have a well-qualified profile that meets the needs of new entrepreneurs every day.

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Starting Business in South Africa

Facts South Africa That Will Encourage You to Invest

South Africa has many facts and figures. Because of this, so many foreign brands are becoming strong and becoming international brands. Here are some facts and figures that will help you-

  • South Africa Ranks 56th out of 144 countries.
  • 2015, the Open Budget Index announced South Africa had the third transparent budget.
  • South Africa is a member of the G20 and the only African country.
  • By 2015, South Africa ranked fourth in the Ibrahim Index.
  • South Africa accounts for 23% of Africa's total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • South Africa has a modern, affordable and costly transport network.
  • South Africa accounts for about 35% of the total GDP of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Albeit home to only 6% of the continent's population, 45% Mineral production and 50% Purchasing power.




South Africa has a free economy, where to take place. Foreigners and locals are treated by the courts, especially when it comes to business. However, most commercial disputes are still pending. General commercial and transactional practices.

Legal document for running a business

There are several documents required to run a business in South Africa. From the authorities that check violations. Below are some documents you need.

  • certificate of participation
  • business plan
  • insurance policy
  • contract documents
  • business permit

Business Licenses and Permits

Before starting a business, you need to be sure that you do not want to break the law. However, not all companies require licenses or permissions before they can be started. In this case, however, you must purchase a license before you can trade. These include the following–

  • Food Provision License - This is for anyone who wants to start a business.
  • Health and Entertainment License - Cinemas, massages, health baths, electronic games, etc.
  • South African Regional Office (SARS) - This is for tax purposes.
  • Zoning Permit
  • Alcohol licenses